Friday, 23 September 2016


APEA-2016-Singapore-Group-Winners-2752: 27 Singaporean Entrepreneurs Win Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2016, and received the Awards trophy from Mr. Seah Kian Peng, Member of Parliament and Tan Sri Dr Fong Chan Onn, Chairman of Enterprise Asia (PRNewsFoto/Enterprise Asia)

Friday, 26 August 2016

FORMULA ONE FURNICHE Pte Ltd at ASEAN Russia Summit 2016

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It’s not always important to get the answer right the first time, it’s about trying to solve problems. We help clients  improve operational effectiveness and implement the correct products for each project required to achieve the desired results with a relentless pursuit of sustainable value.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

PRESS RELEASE : Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2016

The Awards are often compared to the Olympics for the stringent entry criteria and highly competitive judging parameters. Nominations of the Awards itself is by invitation, either by past and current awardees, a supporting trade association or the executive committee of Enterprise Asia. Nominees are then subjected to a series of rigorous tests, including financial verification by an appointed audit firm and a compulsory physical site audit and interview, culminating in a secret balloting process by Enterprise Asia's executive committee.
Awardees are expected to be torchbearers of entrepreneurship and business leaders in their representing industries of respective countries, and adhere to a strict standard of personal and business ethics.
"We can say with certainty that the recipients of the APEA are like none others. Not only do they have to prove their entrepreneurial skills and experience in one of the toughest contests in the world, they also subject themselves to a pledge to uphold the highest standards of entrepreneurship, which includes allegiance to the two founding pillars of Enterprise Asia, namely Investment in People and Responsible Entrepreneurship"

Friday, 24 June 2016

We sit in chairs.

We sit. We sit in chairs. Chairs are easy to take for granted but are fascinating. Chairs are everywhere we go, with infinite variations. At the same time, those variations and changes hold so much meaning. As a primarily western cultural symbol, a chair has social and cultural meaning. Chairs can communicate status and lifestyle, emotion and comfort. The word “chair” itself can be a metaphor for a respected position, such as “chairperson” or “county seat.” The spaces we inhabit are shaped by our seating. Consider the difference in chair arrangement between a classroom, waiting room, conference room, and living room. The way chairs are organized is related to how people would like to communicate in different settings. Different tasks require different chairs. Humans constantly change position, shifting around while sitting in chairs.
Ergonomics is very important if a chair is to be occupied comfortably. Throughout history, chair design has continued to change, reflecting new technologies and materials, trends in aesthetics and society, and ideas about ergonomics. Early modernists said “form follows function,” yet many chairs designed in the twentieth century were primarily sculptural. Both ideas are important. Line, proportion, shape, material, decoration, and craftsmanship all need to be considered. As a designer, what will you chose to communicate with your chair design? What function will your chair accommodate? Who will occupy it? What will be beautiful about it?


FORMULA ONE FURNICHE Pte Ltd Furniture This chair with its unfailing sense of line and proportion and ability to add a fun element to style